Friday, October 16, 2009

Aritu MJ..Ni Stephen lak..

Irish Boy Bander Dies Suddenly in Spain
Stephen Gately, part of the Irish boy band Boyzone, was found dead while on vacation in Spain. He was 33. The circumstances of his death are still unclear -- the band released a statement that simply said he "tragically died."Boyzone was one of the biggest acts in Ireland in the 1990s. The band had announced a comeback tour last year.Gately became something of a gay icon in the U.K. after he announced he was gay 10 years ago. He married his partner Andrew Cowles (Elton John introduced them) in a civil union in 2006

Masa zaman sekolah dulu aku mmg peminat Boyzone gak..Yg minat zaman2 sekolah smua dah pergi..Aritu MJ..Ni Stephen lak..Uhuhuhu..Walaupun Stephen kata dia gay tp tk apa la..Tu lantak dia lak kan..Uhuhuhuh..Apa2 pun dia dh tkde...Chow Chin Chow..

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