Friday, August 20, 2010


If you have to make a decision, you have to let your feelings guide you and take the easy way. You're always at the right place at the right time and you'll feel more secure if you get yourself rested more often. The past few weeks haven't been easy for you..

You can train yourself to relax. Because you worry too much you're not open to the wonderful things in life. At the moment you're feeling extremely energetic..

Try to speak to somebody else about your experiences. What are you anxious about, you're not like that usually, are you? You might feel a little exhausted, because people are asking a lot of you. Enjoy the sunny weather, you'll feel that it does you good..

Take a certainty for an uncertainty. Even during working hours you can make new friends, because the atmosphere at work is friendly. Your positive actions and your ability to think clearly are remarkable..

Betul ke?Hurrrmmmm....mcm 90% betul je..Hehheeheh...Apa2 pun hari ni hari busy aku..Baru berangan Jumaat nk balik awal..Adoi la..Hrp2 keje semua siap before 5pm..Nk kuar awal..Nk teman seseorg gi masjid jamek..Adoi..Penat la jwb nya...Hrp2 tkde la ramai melampau org nya...Kira ala2 so so je la..Heheheh..Ok lah...Penat dah nih...Chow Chin Chow...

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